Advisory Board

A unique features of this School, not seen in any other School, is the creation of its Advisory Board, studded with men and women who have done themselves proud in their respective fields, and who are activated by a common goal and a passionate desire to help impart quality education in diverse areas. The present composition of the Board is as under:

  • Shri Amit Kiran Deb

    IAS Officer (Retd)

  • Amit Kiran Deb
  • Shri Sunirmal Chakrabarty

    La Martiniere Boys' School

  • Shri Nirmal Agarwal

    Authorized official of


  • Mrs Tanushree Sankar

    leading dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance

  • Shri Chuni Goswami

    Indian international footballer and first class cricketer

  • Shri Mani Shankar Mukherjee

    popular writer in the Bengali language