1st Sunday Easter
2nd Monday  
3rd Tuesday  
4th Wednesday  
5th Thursday  
6th Friday  
7th Saturday World  Health  Day
8th Sunday  
9th Monday Parent Orientation For Classes Tiny Tots, I, VI and New Admission
10th Tuesday New Academic Session Begins (Foundation To Class VIII) Buddha Purnima
11th Wednesday Assembly VI A
12th Thursday Assembly VD
13th Friday Parent Orientation For Class IX
14th Saturday Ambedkar  Jayanti
15th Sunday Bengali New Year
16th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Primary)/New Session For Tiny Tots,IX,X and XII
17th Tuesday  
18th Wednesday Assembly VI B/International Day For Monuments And Sites
19th Thursday Assembly VC
20th Friday  
21st Saturday Working
22nd Sunday Earth  Day
23rd Monday New Academic Session Begins (IX,X,XII)/Achiever House Assembly (Secondary
24th Tuesday  
25th Wednesday Assembly VI C
26th Thursday Assembly V B / English Transcription (Primary-Classes III-V)
27th Friday Vernacular Transcription (Primary)
28th Saturday  
1st Tuesday May Day
2nd Wednesday Assembly VI-D
3rd Thursday Assembly V-A/English Creative Writing Competition (Primary & Secondary)
4th Friday  
5th Saturday Working - Extra Class For X & XII
6th Sunday  
7th Monday Creator House Assembly (Secondary)/English Elocution Competition Secondary
8th Tuesday Ics Aptitude Test/ World Red Cross Day
9th Wednesday Rabindra Jayanti / Assembly VII A
10th Thursday Assembly IV-D/English Elocution Competition Classes I & II
11th Friday English Elocution Competition Classes III - V
12th Saturday  
13th Sunday Mother's Day
14th Monday World Migratory Bird Day/ Innovator House Assembly (Primary)
15th Tuesday  
16th Wednesday Summer Vacation Begins
17th Thursday  
18th Friday  
19th Saturday  
20th Sunday  
21st Monday  
22nd Tuesday  
23rd Wednesday  
24th Thursday  
25th Friday  
26th Saturday  
27th Sunday  
28th Monday  
29th Tuesday  
30th Wednesday  
31th Thursday  
1st Friday  
2nd Saturday  
3rd Sunday  
4th Monday  
5th Tuesday World Environment Day
6th Wednesday  
7th Thursday  
8th Friday World Ocean Day
9th Saturday  
10th Sunday  
11th Monday  
12th Tuesday  
13th Wednesday  
14th Thursday World Blood Donation  Day
15th Friday Eid-UI-Fitr
16th Saturday  
17th Sunday Fathers' Day
18th Monday School Reopens/Innovator House Assembly (Secondary)
19th Tuesday  
20th Wednesday Assembly  VII-B
21st Thursday Assembly  IV-C/International Day Of Yoga/ World Music Day
22nd Friday  
23rd Saturday Working Extra Class X & XII 
24th Sunday  
25th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (primary)/Team Unit Test (Sec) 1st Assessment
26th Tuesday Anti Drugs Day
27th Wednesday Assembly VII- C
28th Thursday Assembly IV B
29th Friday Parent Orientation Class XI
30th Saturday  
1st Sunday  
2nd Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Secondary)
3rd Tuesday  
4th Wednesday Assembly VII- D
5th Thursday Assembly IV- A
6th Friday  
7th Saturday Working  Extra Class For  X & XII
8th Sunday  
9th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Primary)/ End Of Unit Test (Term-1)- Secondary
10th Tuesday  
11th Wednesday Assembly VIII- A/English Creative Writing Competition (Primary)
12th Thursday Assembly III - D/Creative Writing Vernacular (Primary)
13th Friday  
14th Saturday Rath Yatra
15th Sunday World Youth Skills Day
16th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Secondary)/Hindi Elocution (Secondary)
17th Tuesday Hindi Elocution - Primary (I TO V)
18th Wednesday Assembly VIII -B/Nelson Mandela International Day
19th Thursday Assembly III- C
20th Friday Creative Writing Competition Hindi /Bengali /French (Secondary)
21st Saturday Working Extra class For X & XII
22nd Sunday  
23rd Monday Creator House Assembly (Primary)/ ICS Counselling
24th Tuesday ICS Counselling
25th Wednesday Assembly VIII -C/ ICS Counselling
26th Thursday Assembly III-B
27th Friday PTM Primary & Secondary
28th Saturday  
29th Sunday  
30th Monday Creator House Assembly (Secondary)
31st Tuesday  
1st Wednesday Assembly VIII-D
2nd Thursday Assembly III-A
3rd Friday  
4th Saturday Extra Class For X & XII
5th Sunday  
6th Monday Innovator House Assembly (Primary)
7th Tuesday  
8th Wednesday Assembly IX-A
9th Thursday Assembly II-D
10th Friday  
11th Saturday  
12th Sunday International Youth Day
13th Monday Innovator House Assembly (Secondary)
14th Tuesday  
15th Wednesday Independence  Day / Inter House Debate Competition (Secondary)
16th Thursday Assembly II-C
17th Friday  
18th Saturday  
19th Sunday  
20th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Primary)
21st Tuesday  
22nd Wednesday Eid-Al-Adha Bakrid
23rd Thursday Assembly II-B
24th Friday  
25th Saturday Working
26th Sunday Raksha Bandhan
27th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Secondary)
28th Tuesday  
29th Wednesday Annual Day-Dress Rehearsal
30th Thursday Annual Day -1
31st Friday Annual Day -2
1st Saturday Working Extra Class For X & XII
2nd Sunday  
3rd Monday Achiever House Assembly (Primary) - Janmasthami
4th Tuesday World Labour Day
5th Wednesday Teacher's Day / International Day Of Charity
6th Thursday Assembly II-A / First Term Practicals-Classes XI & XII
7th Friday First Term Practicals-Classes XI & XII
8th Saturday Literacy Day / Grandparents' Day / First Term Practicals-Classes XI & XII
9th Sunday  
10th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Secondary) 
11th Tuesday  
12th Wednesday Assembly - IXB
13th Thursday Assembly I-D / Ganesh Chaturthi
14th Friday  
15th Saturday Working Extra Class For X & XII
16th Sunday International Day For The Preservation Of The Ozone Layer
17th Monday Creator House Assembly (Primary)
18th Tuesday  
19th Wednesday Assembly IX-C
20th Thursday Assembly 1-C
21st Friday International Peace Day / Muharram
22nd Saturday  
23rd Sunday  
24th Monday Creator House Assembly (Secondary)
25th Tuesday  
26th Wednesday Assembly IX-C
27th Thursday First Terminal Examination (Secondary/Primary) Assembly IB
28th Friday  
29th Saturday  
30th Sunday  
1st Monday  
2nd Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti - Holiday
3rd Wednesday  
4th Thursday Assembly IA
5th Friday French Elocution Competition (primary & Secondary) / World Teacher's Day
6th Saturday Working
7th Sunday  
8th Monday Mahalaya - Holiday
9th Tuesday  
10th Wednesday World Mental Health Day
11th Thursday Assembly VD
12th Friday First Terminal Examination Ends (Primary & Secondary) End of Term
13th Saturday Puja Vacation Begins
14th Sunday  
15th Monday  
16th Tuesday  
17th Wednesday  
18th Thursday  
19th Friday  
20th Saturday  
21st Sunday  
22nd Monday  
23rd Tuesday  
24th Wednesday Lakshmi Puja
25th Thursday  
26th Friday  
27th Saturday  
28th Sunday  
29th Monday School Reopens/ Innovator House Assembly (Primary)/ Term 2 Begins
30th Tuesday Pet Day
31th Wednesday Assembly IX D / Inter House Extempore Competition (Secondary)
1st Thursday Assembly VC
2nd Friday  
3rd Saturday  
4th Sunday  
5th Monday  
6th Tuesday Diwali Break Begins / Kali Puja
7th Wednesday  
8th Thursday  
9th Friday Bhatri Dwitya
10th Saturday  
11th Sunday National Education Day / Dr. Maulana Azad's Birthday
12th Monday School Reopens / Innovator House Assembly (Secondary)
13th Tuesday Chhat  Puja
14th Wednesday Celebration Of Children's Day
15th Thursday Assembly V-B 
16th Friday Sports Day- 1
17th Saturday Sports Day- 2
18th Sunday  
19th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Primary)
20th Tuesday  
21st Wednesday Assembly XA
22nd Thursday Assembly VA
23rd Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti
24th Saturday Working Extra Classes For X & XII
25th Sunday  
26th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Secondary)/ Term 2 Unit Test For Classes VI-VIII / IX & XI
27th Tuesday  
28th Wednesday Assembly XB
29th Thursday Assembly IV-D
30th Friday Murshidabad Trip For Class VIII
1st Saturday World Aids Day / Extra Class X,XI & XII
2nd Sunday Murshidabad Trip For Class VIII Ends
3rd Monday World Disabled Day / Achiever House Assembly (Primary)
4th Tuesday  
5th Wednesday Assembly X C
6th Thursday Assembly IV-C
7th Friday  
8th Saturday  
9th Sunday  
10th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Secondary)
11th Tuesday  
12th Wednesday Assembly X D/ Graduation Day Dress Rehearsal/ Unit Test Term-2 Ends
13th Thursday Rehearsal Practicals For Class XII / Graduation Day 1 / Assembly IV-A
14th Friday Rehearsal Practicals For Class XII / Graduation Day 2
15th Saturday Rehearsal Practicals For Class XII
16th Sunday International Day For Tolerance
17th Monday Rehearsal Practicals For Class XII
18th Tuesday Rehearsal Theory Examination For Classes X & XII
19th Wednesday Fateha Dwaz Daham
20th Thursday Assembly IV-B
21st Friday Winter Vacation Begins / Staff Picnic
22nd Saturday  
23rd Sunday  
24th Monday  
25th Tuesday Christmas
26th Wednesday  
27th Thursday  
28th Friday  
29th Saturday  
30th Sunday  
31th Monday  
1st Tuesday  
2nd Wednesday  
3rd Thursday  
4th Friday  
5th Saturday  
6th Sunday  
7th Monday School Reopens/Creator House Assembly (Primary)/ Rehearsal Examination Continues
8th Tuesday  
9th Wednesday Assembly XI A
10th Thursday Assembly IV-A / World Laughter Day
11th Friday International Thank You Day / Report Card Distribution For Classes VI-VIII/ IX & XI
12th Saturday National Youth Day / Swami Vivekananda's Birthday
13th Sunday  
14th Monday Creator House Assembly (Secondary) / Rehearsal Examination Ends
15th Tuesday  
16th Wednesday Assembly XI-B
17th Thursday Assembly III-D
18th Friday Bengali Elocution Competition (Primary & Secondary)
19th Saturday Working Extra Classes X & XII 
20th Sunday  
21st Monday Innovator House Assembly (Primary)
22nd Tuesday  
23rd Wednesday Netaji's Birthday
24th Thursday Assembly III-C
25th Friday  
26th Saturday Republic Day
27th Sunday  
28th Monday Innovator House Assembly (Secondary)
29th Tuesday Inter-House Debate Competition (Primary) / Report Card Distribution For Classes X & XII
30th Wednesday Assembly XI C / World Leprosy Day / Inter-House Debate Competition (Secondary)
31th Thursday Assembly III-B
1st Friday  
2nd Saturday Working
3rd Sunday  
4th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Primary)
5th Tuesday  
6th Wednesday Assembly XI-D
7th Thursday Assembly III-A
8th Friday  
9th Saturday Working Final Exam Practicals For Class XI
10th Sunday Saraswati Puja
11th Monday Philosopher House Assembly (Secondary)
12th Tuesday  
13th Wednesday Final Examinations (Secondary) Theory Exam Begins
14th Thursday Assembly I-D / Term II Examination For Class V Begins
15th Friday  
16th Saturday Working / Final Home Sc And Computer Sc Practicals For Class IX & XI
17th Sunday  
18th Monday  
19th Tuesday  
20th Wednesday  
21st Thursday Assembly II-C / International Mother Language Day
22nd Friday World Thinking Day
23rd Saturday  
24th Sunday  
25th Monday  
26th Tuesday  
27th Wednesday Final Examinations (Secondary) Ends
28th Thursday Assembly II-B / National Science Day / Term II Ends
1st Friday World Maths Day
2nd Saturday Worlking
3rd Sunday  
4th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Primary)/Mental Maths Competition (Primary & Secondary
5th Tuesday  
6th Wednesday Assembly VI A
7th Thursday Assembly II-A
8th Friday International Women's Day
9th Saturday  
10th Sunday  
11th Monday Achiever House Assembly (Secondary)
12th Tuesday  
13th Wednesday Assembly VI B
14th Thursday Assembly I-D
15th Friday  
16th Saturday  
17th Sunday  
18th Monday Creator House Assembly  (Primary)
19th Tuesday  
20th Wednesday Doljatra
21st Thursday Holi
22nd Friday  
23rd Saturday  
24th Sunday  
25th Monday Report Card Distribution (Primary & Secondary) / Last Working Day / Term II Ends
26th Tuesday  
27th Wednesday Assembly VI-C
28th Thursday  
29th Friday Good Friday - Holiday
30th Saturday  
31st Sunday