• Mr. J. K. Khetawat
    Mr. J. K. Khetawat
  • Mr. Pradeep Sureka
    Mr. Pradeep Sureka
  • Mr. S. K. Todi
    Mr. S. K. Todi

How the School was envisioned and come into being:

Several years back, we resolved to set up a School, a School with a difference, a School far out of the common run, in our beloved city of Kolkata, in salutation to its highly regarded intelligentsia, and out of our own sense of corporate responsibility.

The School that we conceptualized had to be one which would impart the best possible education by delivering the universally acclaimed international and national curriculum in a high-tech, learning-savvy environment with the help of the best nationally available faculty. Towards realization of our resolve, we carved out a comfortably large area from our corporate space, called into service two distinguished international and national architects and invited the best known educational consultant in the country – a person of the stature of Dr. Shomie Das (former Headmaster, Doon School) – to sit together, calibrate and impart form and substance into our dream project, both literally and figuratively. We are happy to announce that the institution that we with the help of experts have built up will be one which the Kolkata citizens will be proud of as one of the city’s prominent landmarks.

The infrastructure apart, what is our vision about the future of the children who would enter our School’s portals for education ?

This is clearly articulated in our mission statement. We intend our children to internalize the goals set out in the mission statement and strive to realize them in full measure. They will love challenges, be enterprising, adventurous and creative, driven by the inner urge to excel in whatever they do. They will develop a global, liberalized mindset, and passionately engage in socially relevant issues like gender equality, public morality, equity and justice, issues of anti-racism, multiculturalism and environment. They will be genuine in whatever they do. They will think globally and act locally. They will shape our society and our culture.

South City International School is conceptualized by eminent educationists with a vision to raise the generations of tomorrow. Most notable amongst them is a man as distinguished as Mr. Shomie Das, Principal Consultant of South City International, who apart from having been Head of Physics Dept., Gordonstoun School, Scotland, Principal of Mayo College, Ajmer, Headmaster of Lawrence School, Sanawar and Headmaster of Doon School.

Mr. Shomie Das is also credited with having masterminded and designed a large number of national and global schools in India, most of which rank among the best in the country.

Mr. Das conceptualized the design of our South City International School and provided guidance in the implementation of his design. The person who has undertaken and discharged the responsibility for implementation of the design is Mr. Bhaskar Roy Choudhury, a reputed education-cum-management consultant based in the city who is credited with having designed, coordinated, and put into shape several top-grade institutes in the city and in other places. He was assisted by Mrs Tapati Singhi, Associate consultant who has a successful record of having managed several well-known international and national schools in Kolkata and New Delhi.