Infrastructure and Facilities

About School Infrastructure published on SOCIETY INTERIORS" December, 2010 edition

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Academic Infrastructure:

  • Classrooms, Library, Learning Resource Centre and all Labs are air-conditioned, noise free and echo controlled. [Indeed the whole school is air-conditioned, except for corridors, stairs and toilets.]
  • Ergonomics-compliant height-adjustable chairs and tables procured from West Germany.
  • Interactive Smart Boards, LCD projectors, HDTVs in Classrooms, to be used as teaching aids.
  • Free laptops provided to all teachers.
  • The whole school (including classroom, labs, library, LRC etc.) is equipped with Wireless Mesh Network for providing constant leased line internet connectivity to all users. A campus environment is such as best suited for deployment of Wireless Mesh Network.
  • Two Infotech Centres enabling students to learn Computer Science, Computer applications, Programming, Learning on the web and through multi-media presentations via the latest technology.
  • Science labs, conforming to the international design and standards, equipped with facilities for hands-on experimentation and project-work.
  • EVS lab, to be used for environmental education.
  • Language lab, in the service of language, particularly foreign language learning.
  • Audio-visual lab for powerpoint presentations, video conferencing and lectures.
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Skills development centres (beyond pure academics)

Day Care:

South City International School provides a place where children will enjoy and make good memories in a safe environment. Collaboration with parents is critical in determining the best learning path for each child. It introduces its own day care Centre exclusively for children in the Pre-Primary classes of South City International School.

  • Time slot A : 7:45 am to 10:45 am -> for the children attending the Afternoon Batch
  • Time slot B : 10:45 am to 2:00 pm -> for the children attending the Morning Batch
  • Food to be brought by the children. School may provide juice in tetra pack.
  • Teachers will be present to conduct a variety of activities for the children and meal time, nap time and play time are there too.
  • School nurse and maids are present.

Design and Technology Centre:

a spacious room is being equipped with facilities to learn electronics, graphics and robotics.

  • Art and Craft Centre

    The Centre will have specially designed desks adjustable according to the needs of the children. They will dabble in art, craft and ceramics, in which their imagination will have full play.

  • Art Room
    Art Class

Multi-purpose hall:

A large Multi-purpose Hall with a state-of-the-art stage and foldable chairs accommodating 1000 students. The Hall doubles up as an Auditorium when required. In other times, it will be used for indoor games like Table tennis, Badminton etc.

Home economics centre:

A place to learn cooking, meal planning, sewing and stitching, hospitality, flower arrangements and other useful skills.

  • Yoga
  • Yoga and meditation centre:(for students of Class II to VIII)

    For practising concentration and kinesthetic flexibility.

  • Music rooms

    For Indian, Western, contemporary fusion music practices. Creation of School’s own band and orchestra.

  • Music Class
  • Dance Class
  • Dance Centre

    For students to acquire skills in Indian, Western and contemporary dance forms.


Security and safety infrastructure:

  • The School has an elaborate fire-fighting system along with fire-alarm, smoke alarm and water sprinklers all along the corridors and stairs.
  • Disaster management system, evacuation plans and fire drills in place, to be put into action in case of emergencies.
  • CCTVs fitted with cameras to apprehend outbreaks of fire, commission of mischiefs and abuses have been set up in the corridors, staircases and in fire-prone areas.
  • All students, teachers and administrative staff to be provided with Identity Cards to be displayed on their person when in school. Entry into and exit from the School will be strictly monitored by the Security Guards.
  • Guardians or persons duly authorized by parents to take charge of their wards at the school gate after the School hours, will each have to collect beforehand from the School an Exit Card with his/her photo imprinted thereon for identification

Health Services infrastructure:

  • A 5-bedded Infirmary (3 for girls and 2 for boys separated by partition), with a full-time trained nurse and a general physician. We have a tie-up with AMRI hospital a short distance away for emergencies. Besides, there will be health-checkups from time to time with reports sent to parents.
  • Safe drinking water will be provided, purified under R.O. system.
  • Vended food (snacks and tucks) served at the School Cafeteria will be supplied by one of the best-known caterers in the city. The School’s dietician will have a check on the foodstuff for their freshness and quality.
  • The entire campus will be kept clean and tidy.